it’s weird how straight boys will find out that a girl is bisexual and then think that girl wants to fuck them with another girl. And if they find out a guy is gay they think that guy wants to fuck them.

No one wants to have sex with you. You are are not cute. At all.

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Unfriendly reminder that in America it’s reasonable to say an unarmed black kid deserved to be shot six times because he might have robbed a convenience store, but a white kid shouldn’t be kicked off the high school football team just because he violently raped a girl.

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"Here’s to the people who try their hardest to be good enough for everyone; who spend hours reading random quotes to find the right one; who listen to the same song dozens of times because the lyrics mean a lot; who deserve so much more than they get and are willing to fight for it and those who wished upon a star, wasted on someone that will never care; and to the beautiful people that feel lonely in their heart."

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"I destroyed my body for a peace of mind I never got."

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A batch of wonderful book dedications.

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i just wanted to put this out there since im sure it’ll get written about differently tomorrow. 

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imagine getting married

after many months of planning, you’re standing at the altar with your significant other in a beautiful room filled with all of your friends and your family

and every single person in that room over age 10 knows you’re getting laid tonight

this was beautiful

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welcome to plastic surgery addicts anonymous. i’m seeing a lot of new faces in the crowd this week and i just have to say i’m really disappointed

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the onion is being way too real rn

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